Snapchat is a worldwide mobile camera app. Users have the ability to view and send photos, videos, stories and more to their friends around the world. Snapchat offers multiple tools to manipulate and customize the sharing experience. Around 166 million daily active Snapchatters open the app over 18 times each day - with an average of 30 minutes spent "Snapchatting". 60% of active Snapchatters create with the camera, totaling over 3 billion snaps made every day.

At Output, we create custom Snap Ads and Geofilters to perfectly fit your business branding.
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The Different Types of Snapchat Ads

substantially raise awareness & increase consideration for your brand in just 10 seconds


Snap Ads are full screen,  3- 10 second videos that are 100% viewable and have audio by default. They play during or right after Snap Stories. Snap Ads have incredible accuracy to filter and select the exact target audience you are after. Snap Ads capture the viewers attention to raise awareness, increase consideration and grow your business. You can also create a video ad to encourage the viewer to "swipe up" in order to fulfill an action such as: downloading an app, visiting a website, driving views for a longer video or unlocking a new Snapchat lens/geofilter.  



Regular Snap Ads: 3 - 10 second ad, with no call-to-action at the bottom. Raise awareness and increase consideration towards your brand!

Web View Ads: Drive traffic to your pre-loaded website. With an Auto-Fill feature, Snapchatters can send you their account email and more by just tapping.

Long Form video:  Play a longer version of the initial 3 - 10 second video. Drive views for your trailer, short film, how-to, or any other video.

Unlock a Lens or Geofilter: Snapchatters will swipe up to gain access to an exclusive lens or geofilter that will only be available for a limited time!



Be where your product is bought, thought about or consumed.


Your unique and custom filter is set to a certain time and location. Snapchatters in the right place at the right time will have access to your filter and can share it with people around the world! Create a filter for a special event, a particular store, landmark or just in a well populated area with your target audience to drive awareness, advocacy and action in one package.