A New Shine on Fosters

Social Media & Marketing

Online retail

Foster and Sons Jewellery was forced to adapt quickly to new ways of doing business due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Facing new restrictions, Fosters and Sons endeavored to launch a new online store. We partnered to help create a local print, billboard, web and social media campaign that would communicate changes and attract customers to their website.


Branding & Graphic Design

A New Era at Fosters

After the retirement of his father from the family business in 2021, David has assumed ownership of the store and brought many exciting changes to Fosters. We’ve reimagined the brand to something a bit more modern; featuring a sleek and minimalistic logo paired with a sophisticated colour palette.


Social Media

Social Media 2


Connecting with the Community

We continue to manage their social media and marketing. Check out some of the photography work we’ve done for their social media!